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Baby monitor wifi

2.34 usd

Turn your Android device into a professional baby monitor!The main reasons to choose Baby Video Monitor - HipBaby:1. Baby’s movement detection. 2. Scale of the baby’s activity in the last minute (with the help of our innovative solutions you can choose the most suitable time for cooking, taking a shower, etc.) 3. Improved stability due to distinguishing audio frequencies of the baby’s crying from the general noise.4. User-friendly interface that indicate baby’s state (moving, crying, sleeping). 5. Activity statistics (it will help you to indicate the phase and the quality of baby’s sleep)6. Sleep and feeding timer.7. Two baby’s activity widgets are available.
This app does not require registration or additional configuration. Two Android devices should be used.
Baby monitor HipBaby is a real young parents’ mate! User-friendly interface and technical characteristics will meet all parents’ needs.
The application was developed for professionals working with babies and after that was adapted for young parents.
Baby monitor works only on WiFi. If disconnected by WiFi, the baby’s device will call the parent’s one if the baby cries.If you do not have local WiFi, you can always make sharpen WiFi access on one of the phone (for example, in a hotel, at a party, etc.).
We recommend this product for the convenient location of the baby unit and the observation of the baby -
Please take care of the health of your baby, use the flight mode in the baby unit!
We are looking for native speakers to improve the translation into English our wifi monitor. In return you’ll get the monitor app for free (Lifetime). If you are interested in our monitor, please contact us by e-mail.